Founded in 2002 in San Francisco, The Culinary Edge works across the food & beverage, restaurant, and hospitality industries to create the products and experiences that best showcase each of our clients’ unique values.

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Making something that tastes good is one piece to creating a great product, but turning food into a business solution is a whole other challenge. At The Culinary Edge, we do both.

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Our work starts by collaborating with leadership teams to lay out a path to meaningful, sustainable innovation. We find success by partnering across organizations to provide clear strategies and strong tactical directives that continue to live long past our projects.

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At The Culinary Edge we are not afraid to get our hands dirty as both entrepreneurs and business owners. We create, own, and operate our own food and restaurant brands, applying our intel and pulse on the marketplace.

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Whether we are working in our hidden oasis, a converted warehouse tucked into a quiet corner in San Francisco, or in far-flung eateries around the globe, we find inspiration everywhere. Follow us on our adventures as we share some serious food for thought.

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