Shannon Sharkey

Account Manager

Shannon made her way to the West Coast in 2012 when she accepted a position with a Bay Area start up. With a degree in Construction Science and a minor in Architecture, she honed her project management skills working in the building industry for nearly a decade.  Now, she manages projects at The Culinary Edge and sneaks in a culinary lesson from the chefs whenever she can. 

Q & A

What would you have for your last meal?

My grandma’s potato salad. Runner-up would be her rhubarb pie.  Both are simply the best and the envy of every potluck.

Describe your perfect weekend?

I was born and raised in the Midwest and lived in Texas in my early 20s, so I thought that the only thing people did on the weekends was tailgate and watch football.  My husband and I love the fall when we get to armchair quarterback on Saturdays.

 Tell us about your life outside of The Culinary Edge—what are your “extra-curriculars?”

I’ve had my 200 Hour RYT since 2011 and have dubbed myself TCE’s resident yogi.