Michael Parlapiano

Senior Strategist


With a degree in Film and Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz, Michael began his career in the gaming industry, managing the public relations needs of clients including Disney Interactive, LEGO, and Electronic Arts. In his personal time, he produced and edited the award-winning blog, Food People Want, researching, testing, and publishing authentic recipes. 

Applying his knowledge of the restaurant industry, Michael develops strategies and creative solutions to solve client challenges.


Q & A

What’s the best place to food tour? 

Right here—the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve got the perfect mix of quality, artistry, and inspiration.

Any recommendations for good reading?

My current favorite cookbooks are American Flavor by Andrew Carmellini and Truly Mexican by Roberto Santibañez.

What gets you out of the house?

I love visiting ethnic markets, farmers markets, supermarkets, and Italian delis of all kinds.

Any music, movies or TV shows you hate to admit you love?

I’m hooked on PBS’s lineup of Saturday morning cooking shows. I also haven’t missed an episode of Diners Drive-ins and Dives. It’s shameful, I know.