Our Approach

Our job boils down to one thing: maximizing your profit. At The Culinary Edge, we understand every client faces a different set of challenges in meeting this goal.  This is why we’ve honed a flexible six-step process proven to create solutions that drive profitability by producing strategic branding, culinary, and operational solutions that work.

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  • DEFINE: Your Challenge & Goals

    We will collaborate with you to define the business objectives behind your vision for success. We will review your past history, current practices, and goals for the future. Articulating where you want to go and prioritizing the necessary activities to get there enables us to move forward decisively and efficiently.

  • IDENTIFY: Opportunities to Meet Customer Needs

    With a clear sense of direction, we can explore one of your most valuable resource: unfulfilled customer needs. Through consumer research, marketplace evaluation and touring, and operations and culinary assessments, we will identify the want and need spaces where you have the biggest opportunity to make the greatest impact.

  • CREATE: Directions & Recommendations

    This is where where we begin shaping ideas – creating strategies, food concepts, and tactical solutions. The recommendations we make and you decide upon in this stage will form the foundation of your final direction.

  • DEVELOP: The Food & Operational Systems

    In this phase we turn the corner from innovation to development. Ideas become tangible products as we develop recipes, plating design, prototype packaging, kitchen blue prints, business plans and the other deliverables that will bring the strategy to life.

  • PROVE: That It All Works

    Before going to market, we put prototypes to test in real-use situations. We prove concepts through consumer research, sensory testing, online surveys, operational feasibility trials, and central location testing—gathering feedback and making refinements.

  • IMPLEMENT: Your Vision

    We provide the support to put your solution to work. This support may include vendor and ingredient sourcing, recipe commercialization, creating operations materials, training your team, labor management consulting, and providing launch and post-launch support.

  • The Culinary Edge uncovers opportunities for you to grow your business. Whether scanning your competitive environment or looking internally within your own organization, we identify opportunities that support sustainable growth.Read more »