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TCE’s Insights into the Pressing Issues Facing Our Industry

Third Starbird unit has opened in San Jose!

Press has been great, sales strong and the reception by the neighborhood warm. Thank you all for coming out to support us. But mostly we are grateful for our amazing, dedicated team. JJ Gentile, Annie Culver, Amanda Moyrong, Aaron Noveshen and all our staff at TCE have worked so hard to make this new location a reality. Come and see us on Brokow Road.

The most disruptive startup on earth

That line summarizes business plans in Silicon Valley the place and on the TV show. It is no great secret that huge bets are being placed on fixing our food. And from what we see most of this is being done by software or technology companies.   We ask. Where are the myriad of career hospitality people we’ve met and why aren’t they fixing the system that they know best?   Here are some business ideas: How might the distribution system better serve large and small players? How might the…

Snack Bites

Q&A with the The Culinary Edge team.

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A Modern Way to Cook by Anna Jones. It’s always a struggle to figure out how to make vegetables more interesting and this cookbook is filled with unique, easy to follow recipes that solve that problem!



La Cucina: The Regional Cooking of Italy by The Italian Academy of Cuisine. 1000 pages of recipes that cover all of Italy’s regional cooking styles.



Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. The book is stunning and the recipes are foolproof and always turn out delicious.



These days it’s Franny’s: Simple Seasonal Italian, an ingredient-driven cookbook by Andrew Feinberg, Francine Stephens and Melissa Clark. We in the Bay Area are fortunate to have the ability to cook like this year round. Plus Melissa Clark is an amazing writer and cookbook author.