Who Are You? The Who, The Sex Pistols and The Police Walk Into A Bar

Issue 2, Volume 5


It started as a chance encounter between Pete Townshend of The Who, Steve Jones and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols, and a kind-hearted officer of the NYPD. After receiving a large check for royalties, Pete goes into the bar and gets totally stewed with his mates. The story goes: Pete leaves the bar, passes out in a random doorway in SoHo. A policeman recognizes him (“A policeman knew my name”) and being a fan (maybe), woke him and told him, “You can go sleep at home tonight [instead of a jail cell], if you can get up and walk away.”

Pete’s response: “Who the f–k are you?”

The rest lives on in history, from a hit song on permanent classic rock radio rotation, to the numerous TV shows and commercials that have used the iconic melody and lyrics to peddle their wares.

This month, we reflect on the innermost existential question: who are you?

And to answer, we look no further than Instagram: the truest reflection of who we are, in images, and who is inspiring us, through their endless snapshots.

So, go on, give ‘em a follow.



Here’s a few that inspire us from time to time.

Who: Tartine Baker
What you see: Chad Robertson, artisan bread extraordinaire, author, photographer and co-owner of the famous, Tartine Bakery & Cafe, doing what he does best

Who: Spoon Fork Bacon
What you see: Hi-fi styled food and bright colors abound

Who: Andrew Carmellini
What you see: A behind-the-scenes peek into the life of the famed NYC chef and restaurateur

Who: dontgrowuptobeachef
What you see: Weird snippets of a day in the life of a chef, explained by mannequins, often in poetic form

Who: Chad Kultgen
What you see: Squirrels. Seriously. Nothing but squirrels. Very weird, but addictive to see

Who: Sean Gin
What you see: California sun-drenched photography. Mostly LA + SF

Who: Steve Murkel
What you see: Self-proclaimed idiot, with nods to pop culture. All black + white

Who: The Photo Society
What you see: A daily random image from Nat Geo’s finest photographers, usually beautiful

Who: Dr. Woo
What you see: Tiny, fine line tattoos and adorable toddlers with style on fleek

And a few links to some of our team, and a few of the side projects we have:

Who: The Culinary Edge
What you see: Staff meals, shots from the field, assorted food porn

Who: TCE Founder, and Pacific Catch Founder, Aaron Noveshen’s ‘side’ project:
What you see: Fish. The building of a small empire

Who: TCE Principal Stephen Goldmann’s side project, Mindful Meats.
What you see: Cows. Meat. Farm life

Who: TCE Culinary Operations Lead Ben Pote’s side project, Pickled, Dried and Cured
What you see: Taking on the Bar Tartine cookbook, one recipe at a time

Who: TCE Creative Director, Eric Stangarone
What you see: Shots from the field, cats, consulting life on the road

And his side project, En Su Boca Restaurant:

Who: TCE Senior Strategist, Rachel Kalt
What you see: The adventures of Woks and Lox

Who: TCE Alumni, Lily Gile
What you see: Youth, gone wild

Who: TCE Culinary Producer, Kenrick Mercado’s side project, Project Merienda
What you see: Filipino food + culture

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