It’s the Great Pumpkin Spice, Charlie Brown

Issue 3, Volume 5


What began recently as an innocent stroll up and down the aisles of Trader Joe’s quickly escalated into a full investigation.

We were overwhelmed by its sheer ubiquity, its parasitic ability to attach itself to such a vast array of food items from tea to panettone, and even to dog treats.

In total, there were some 50 victims.

The suspect in question — pumpkin spice.

The interrogations commenced. We questioned:

What exactly is pumpkin spice? What spices are united to make this concoction, this potion so evocative of autumn with powers that enchant our hearts, our minds, and exert such compelling force on our credit cards?

When did pumpkin spice transform from Starbucks’ latest latte iteration into the unrelenting, all-consuming superflavor that it is today?

And why do we love with such reckless abandon Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSLs) and all subsequent food and beverage creations it has engendered?

So today, we present our findings.

Thanks and enjoy, perhaps while sipping a PSL.


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