Negative thinking, french masters, Japanese innovation, and a 3000 banana split

Issue 8, Volume 2


Greetings Wayfarers.

Welcome to the eighth installment of the Dirty Dozen of the 2012.  This issues highlights: thinking negatively, two French masters, Japan innovates, and a $3000 banana split.

Digest these at your own pace, or not even at all. Learn, comment or ignore. Pass ’em to clients, start a conversation, impress your friends. We’ll keep looking, cooking and sending these lists.



1. Don’t stir the pot. Ever

2. Music for Sunday night cookery

3. The most engineered food out there?

4. Relax, spaz.

5. Good friend Murph executes Spanish food in DC.,1226451/critic-review.html#reviewNum1

6. The power of negative thinking.

7. Escoffier, master, thief.

8. Good is good. And French.

9. Presentation matters.

10. Hulk smash food, take photo.

11. Tech enabled inspiration via Ogilvy.

12. Burritobot and 3D printing.