Have an opinion: Inform yourself. But not too much.

Issue 7, Volume 3


Da Vinci once said, “The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”


I’m guessing ol’ Leo never had to make small talk at a cocktail party with a bunch of smart, good looking, and powerful people. Obviously, Da Vinci isn’t the wingman that the Dirty Dozen is.

This issue’s theme: Have an (informed) opinion.

This month, we give you a couple of topics, with a couple of random points of view. Are they pros and cons? Both sides of the story? Fair and balanced?

Not on our internet, sir. We give it to you, just like we find it. After all, it’s not the “cleaned up, well scrubbed, politically correct, G rated” Dozen.

So, click ’em up, learn a little, grab your soapbox and opine accordingly.

Dirty Dozen

Fame 1
eater [dot] com

Fame 2
thesavory [dot] com

Designers do food 1
fastcodesign [dot] com

Designers do food 2
dschwen [dot] com

Chicken 1
salon [dot] com

Chicken 2
vimeo [dot] com

Love it or hate it 1
opinionator.blogs.nytimes [dot] com

Love it or hate it 2
online.wsj [dot] com

Love it or hate it 3
huffingtonpost [dot] com

Freak out 1
vimeo [dot] com

Freak out 2
youtube [dot] com

Stunt food 1
fastcocreate [dot] com

Stunt food 2
wired [dot] com

Scarecrow 1
youtube [dot] com

Scarecrow 2
huffingtonpost [dot] com


Thanks and enjoy.