Double issue: mother nature, Chinese knock offs, and old chefs

Issue 6+7, Volume 2


Greetings our inquisitive brethren!

Welcome to the sixth and seventh installment of the Dirty Dozen for 2012.  This issues highlights: killing mother nature, rebuilding her better, knock offs from China, old guys still cooking, and an awesome Burger King ad from Russia (we think…translate it and we’ll buy you dinner.)

Also special this month: we’ve doubled this issue – we’re expecting that some things may get lost in the shuffle of some upcoming travel and client work, so please take your time with these, there’s plenty here to keep you busy, inspired.

Many thanks to the folks who have send along links they find awesome, amazing, or simply worth looking at. Keep ’em coming.

Digest these at your own pace, or not even at all. Learn, comment or ignore. Pass ’em to clients, start a conversation, impress your friends. We’ll keep looking, cooking and sending these lists.



1. Fergus on fads:

2. Eat fries and die. (Also, the word choice of “avante-garde” makes me sad in this context):,0,2915767.story

3. Brilliant QR Codes for sagging dayparts:

4. Superweed. The bad kind:

5. Hey, fatty:

6. Worthless food critics:

7. Chinese In ‘n Out knock off:

8. Corn, beauty, genetics, Prometheus :

9. Killing us softly:

10. Obligatory Joe Beef link:

11. Duh:

12. Music for Friday night dinner service:

13. Emilio tends the fire, 72 years young:

14. MIT, killing time:

15. Umami empire:

16. Drink a Gibraltar with the Grim Reaper:

17. From Russia, with love:

18. DK on creative confidence:

19. A slice is no longer just a slice:

20. Pitfalls of interior design:

21. Be an intern, scoop litter:

22. Ken Robinson uses bad music, but explains passion:

23. Bad design is bad:

24. Who needs local flavor?: