kitchen DIY hacking, Chinese Christmas, and a sandwich lover

Issue 7, Volume 1


Early Happy New Year!

Welcome to the seventh and final issue of the Dirty Dozen for 2011. This issues highlights: kitchen DIY hacking, Chinese Christmas, and a guy who…really likes sandwiches.

As always, digest these at your own pace, or not even at all. Learn, comment or ignore. Pass ’em to clients, start a conversation, impress your friends. We’ll keep looking, cooking and sending these lists.



1.Korean tastes emerge:

 2.Psuydo sous-vide:

3.Technology, the great enabler:

 4.Chinese Christmas dinner:,0,6795138.story

 5.Macaron porn:


7.Foods and the globe:

8.Imagery and Modernist Cuisine:

9.Café gratitude makes The NY Times:

 10.Kosher at 1600 Pennsylvania:

11.Tesco, challenged:

 12.This guy really likes sandwiches: