Spotting the differences: Some things do not belong

Issue 6, Volume 3


It’s the small differences in people, cultures and each other that makes all of us unique, special and a tiny bit self-important. That’s okay, we’re unique, just like everyone else.

The issue’s theme: Spot the differences.

Some are obvious comparisons Some are subtle. Some require you to look deep into your soul, and ask yourself: what is this beautiful house? Where does this highway lead to? My God, what have I done?

In the end, the differences might not matter. It’s the same as it ever was.

Dirty Dozen

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Cheese, death, the French
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Sober, this time
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Bees and the future
panna [dot] org

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Birthday prototypes
fastcompany [dot] com

Open air Sous Vide [dot] com

Someone’s nightmare, explained
theatlantic [dot] com

Most end in a vowel
fastcodesign [dot] com

23 is just the start
thoughtcatalog [dot] com

Banned, some places
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When’s dinner?
youtube [dot] com


Thanks and enjoy.