Destroy Boredom:  Do something, goddamit

Issue 5, Volume 3



The year is half over and the dog days of summer fast approach.
Bored? Tired? Ready for some action?
Then go do something. Anything. Stop reading and get the hell outside.

The issue’s theme: Do something.

Some are easy, some aren’t. Either way, it’s time to get off the couch and to make the most of these wonderful summer days.

Dirty Dozen

Be a kid
youtube [dot] com

Go write a deck
fastcodesign [dot] com

Plan your fate
youtube [dot] com

Forget Yelp
thebolditalic [dot] com

Remember your childhood
youtube [dot] com

Don’t be passive aggressive
youtube [dot] com

Spin the wheel
popchartlab [dot] com

Cool off
theatlanticwire [dot] com

Praise bees
supermarketnews [dot] com

Buck the system
nytimes [dot] com

Be the bean
youtube [dot] com

Go like this Facebook page, please
facebook [dot] com 


Thanks and enjoy.