Mixed bag:  A little of this, a little of that

Issue 4, Volume 3


Greetings twelvers,

Summer is here, and among the stone fruits and softshells, the Dozen has a mixed bag of random stimulus to impress your friends during a lightning bug porch session.

This month’s dirty theme: well, there’s a bit of everything.

Fruit, art, and tacos?
Yup, we got that.
Apocalypse, rehab, sleeping, and fonts?
Yup, we got that, too.

Go on, have a look. There’s something for everyone.

Dirty Dozen

Disruptive dining
youtube [dot] com

Melon + knife
vimeo [dot] com

The rooster that inspires so many knock offs
latimes [dot] com

Rehab selfie
styleweekly [dot] com

Font p0rn
youtube [dot] com

Art imitates
fastcodesign [dot] com

Family portaits
demilked [dot] com

buzzfeed [dot] com

What to stock
popularmechanics [dot] com

Sleep in
blogs [dot] hbr [dot] com

popchartlab [dot] com

bonappetit [dot] com 


Thanks and enjoy.