restaurant kleptomaniacs, Joe Beef’s beefs, nerdy design documentaries, and beans

Issue 4, Volume 1


Greetings good people!

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Dirty Dozen.  This issues highlights:  restaurant kleptomaniacs, Joe Beef’s beefs, nerdy design documentaries, and beans.

Digest these at your own pace, or not even at all. Learn, comment or ignore. Pass ’em to clients, start a conversation, impress your friends. We’ll keep looking, cooking and sending these lists.



1. Macallan + Roja Dove create an olfactory experience that mimics a Japanese K?d? incense ceremony:

2. Those boys at Torrisi are back at it:

3. TCE favorite Eric Justice crosses the globe, launches microsite:

 4. Locanda’s tins are a hot commodity:

5. Good friend Robert Berry turns around Monument Lane in NYC:

6. Taste Buds, visualized:

7. Joe Beef says what he thinks in this interview:

8. Stay late or go home, ala HBR:

9. Some new Starbucks’ communication design:

10. Inside the LA Times test kitchen and its processes:,0,1260587.htmlstory

11. Gary Hustwit of Helvetica and Objectified fame is back at it with the urban landscape:

12. A garbanzo bean and a lentil meet, take LSD. Episode 3, whoa, man: