Wait, who? Man, you’ve been gone awhile.

Issue 3, Volume 4


M.I.A. Missing. Disappeared. Incognito. On the down-low.

Lately, the Dirty Dozen’s been all of the above. And we don’t need golden the vocal chords of Robert Stack’s melodious narration to solve this Unsolved Mystery. We’ve been out in the field. Waving our hands. Solving crimes. Getting it done. Making it happen.

But, you’ve waited. You’ve been patient. And to pay penance for our crimes of truancy to you, we dedicate this issue to the people who are also out there making it happen. Taking the road less travelled. Or more travelled. Or well travelled. A dedication to journeys of all types.

So, take this voyage with us. Maybe it’ll inspire your travels, your yearning for the open road, your passion to be out, sun shining on your face, the world guiding that next fateful leap of faith.


Dirty Dozen

Fiction to Fact

Designing for 35,000 feet

Small to (Chipotle) Big

Frank Lee is well travelled. Well loved.

Single-pronged Ravioli Spear to Modern Fork

One Year In (Shameless Plug)

Breakfast from Australia to Egypt

Bushelful to Awful

Where Money Goes (Not to Restaurant Folks)

A Journey of Maturity

Strategy to Execution and Back Again

Solid to Liquid