Liars:Mislead, misinform, misappropriate, misjudge

Issue 3, Volume 3


Greetings do-ce-do-ers,

Spring has sprung and like the friendly fibber Pinocchio, the new season has sprouted some questionable thinking, fun fabrications, infallible fables, and an abundance of tricks and general mischief.

This month’s dirty theme: lies and the lying liars who lie.

Some are malicious, some are accidental, some are out of control, and some are uncontrollable.  Either way, The Culinary Edge crew has bubbled up some playful prevarications in F+B and beyond.

As always, digest these at your own pace, or not even at all. Learn, comment or ignore. Pass ’em to clients, start a conversation, impress your friends.
Dirty Dozen

Start with the facts.
motherjones [dot] com

Fear not.
nytimes [dot] com

Punctuation we may or may not need.
collegehumor [dot] com

Sex, fries and videotape.
eater [dot] com

What would Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ Redding say?
youtube [dot] com

theonion [dot] com

Excellent forgeries.
fastcocreate [dot] com

With-holding can be considered a lie.
scribd [dot] com

Music to lie to.
youtube [dot] com

Undercover living room.
good [dot] is

No lying here.
travel [dot] yahoo [dot] com

Onions, lies and writers.
slate [dot] com


Thanks and enjoy.