Red Hot Lit: Long form prose, pros, and bros

Issue 2, Volume 4


Whether it’s Escoffier, Larousse, Shakespeare or Conrad, lately we’ve been passing around the classics like a doobie at a dead show.

This classic writing, these timeless dishes, the iconoclasts, and ideas have us reaching to the back of the shelf, blowing the dust off our well worn artifacts and fondly remembering what makes the old, new again.

This issue, we give you a few stories about literature and the classics: time tested people and ideas, and classics in the making.

So, spend a few minutes finding your White Whale, your Macando, or your Soupe Lyonnaise, and remember just how thin and handsome you were back then.

Dirty Dozen

What Hemingway eats
finedininglovers [dot] com

How Hemingway writes
hemingwayapp [dot] com

Old French man and the sea
newyork [dot] seriouseats [dot] com

Avoiding the classics
theonion [dot] com

The Horror!
vice [dot] com

Orson sells wine for line cooks
youtube [dot] com

Ulysses for cooks
fastcocreate [dot] com

Historical and classical
gizmodo [dot] com

A classic moment
youtube [dot] com

Menus as literature
theatlantic [dot] com

Some fine literature on restaurants
gutenberg [dot] net

Go to print
psfk [dot] com

Taming of the King (Nice work, Ricky!)
newyork [dot] cbslocal [dot] com

Thanks and enjoy.