Transformation: change, evolution, metamorphose, mutations and the like

Issue 2, Volume 3


Greetings patient twelvers,

February has come and gone, and like the bad dad who forgot a birthday, I forgot to send a February Dirty Dozen.  There were lots of reasons – work got busy, the car broke down, whatever — but I promise not to forget again. Matter fact, let’s make this month’s dozen a few extra.

Maybe then, you’ll forgive me.

This month’s theme: Transformation.

Let’s celebrate change, evolution, metamorphose, mutations and the like.

As always, digest these at your own pace, or not even at all. Learn, comment or ignore. Pass ’em to clients, start a conversation, impress your friends.

Dirty Dozen

Evolve your breakfast 12 ounces at a time.
outsideonline [dot] com

Your produce can work harder.
buzzfeed [dot] com

Cigarettes, condoms, baby carrots and hummus.
nytimes [dot] com

Transform your waistline.
youtube [dot] com

Make leftovers, not left over.
chicagotribune [dot] com

How to devolve a poor county’s food supply with a rich country’s tastes.
guardian [dot] co [dot] uk

The new (hopeful) status quo of who cooks best on the planet.
thebraiser [dot] com

The evolution of food from art.
fastcodesign [dot] com

Secret is out.
nytimes [dot] com

Transform your chips.
fastcocreate [dot] com

Change the game.
businesswithoutborders [dot] com

Transfigure your foam.
nowness [dot] com

**Here’s your extra two. I’m sorry. Let’s never fight again.

Put the math back into your life.
gizmodo [dot] com
Put the math back into your life2   
hahalife [dot] com

Thanks and enjoy.