Comings and goings

Issue 10, Volume 2


Greetings good-looking, thoughtful + curious people,

Welcome to the tenth 2012 installment of the Dirty Dozen: 12(ish) articles, videos or points of inspiration provided to you by the The Culinary Edge kitchen crew.

This issue’s highlights: a visionary leaves us, a literary genius and drunk gives us the brief, videos to encourage and discourage work, and evolutions in education, eating and teaching.

As always, digest these at your own pace, or not even at all. Learn, comment or ignore. Pass ’em to clients, start a conversation, impress your friends.

We’ll keep looking, cooking and sending these emails.



1. Good friend Bill Moggridge left the world a better place:

2. Education, enterprised:

3. Tufte gone mad:

4. New Orleans 2.0 (shout out to TCE buddies DinnerLab!)

5. Guacamole handbag:

6. Nate + Chipotle:

7. Build is back, baby! (shout out to TCE buddies Lime Lab!)

8. Segan, reimagined:

9. Inception, of doing nothing, or something:

10. Neat:

11. Premium becomes ubiquitous:

12. Bukowski goes all the way:

13. Global fuel for recess and dodgeball: