Resolutions, realistic: A dozen videos to keep you from reading

Issue 1, Volume 4


We know it happened: 365 days have passed, and yes, a new Yoga Cats calendar has gone up on the wall. But, is it really time to pay penance for all your bad deeds in 2013? Is the answer more jogging, more kale, and a strict forbiddance of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll?

You know that’s not The Dirty’s prescription.

Instead, we give you a resolution you can a happily achieve: read less and watch these videos.

So, put down Grain Brain, What Color Is Your Parachute or whatever type-based learning you feel you need, and watch these 12 videos that will help you read less, sink deeper into that couch and give you a break from all self-improvement nonsense.

Enjoy. You’ve earned it.

Dirty Dozen

Eel, Bob Ross style
youtube [dot] com

Bread. Now get in line, hipster
vimeo [dot] com

Bobby makes improvements
youtube [dot] com

Fibonacci solves it all
youtube [dot] com

Drunk eats Old Spice. Weird.
youtube [dot] com

Apple explains it
youtube [dot] com

Kyle loves wheelies
kickstarter [dot] com

He’s also a contractor
youtube [dot] com

baby, don’t go…
abclocal.go [dot] com

Annoy Tim Ferris
buzzfeed [dot] com

TCE time lapse in Madrid
vimeo [dot] com

Fat duck, lamb + cucumber
youtube [dot] com

Thanks and enjoy.