Giants Among Us

Issue 4, Volume 4


And so we find ourselves in October, at the sweet intersection of the many sporting events that vie for our Sunday afternoons, our proclivity toward useless statistics, and rounds of Monday morning quarterbacking at the ‘ol water cooler.

At the Dozen, we love all sports equally. But our analytic minds are especially drawn to the “Thinking Man’s Game” which culminates this week at the World Series of Baseball. This year stars our beloved San Francisco Giants taking no prisoners against a team named for a livestock show.


To embrace the clash of these bat wielding titans, we’re celebrating some giants in our business: the visionaries, the brands, and those slumbering under the radar. Those fighting their own rivals. Swinging for their own fences. Chasing windmills and chasing dreams.

So, crack open a cold one and root, root, root…


A full cookbook for ingredients that don’t even exist yet

A tale of two coffee marketing giants 

The drinkable book is going to save lives

The unlikely BFFing of fast food giants and tween girls

When six seven-year-olds dine like kings

Detailed burger reviews lead to broad stroke design lessons

How, when, and what the world snacks on

Gut Churn: the secret sauce behind giant leaps in creativity

NY vending machines go farm fresh

It’s never big, but here do food workers earn a living wage

Design Wrong: big mistakes can have giant rewards

See, hear, party