Back From The Dead

Issue 1, Volume 5


Like Uma Thurman trapped in a coffin in Kill Bill, we’ve finally punched our way out of the darkness of lots and lots of projects, and into a brief respite of warm California air. We’re not staying long, as duty calls—but we didn’t want you to build a parking lot over us either.

This month, the Dirty Dozen gives you stories of the past, stories of redemption, stories of coming up for air, and then getting back to it. These are stories of the past, that you may have forgotten, or may have forgotten why they matter. Consider this your reminder.

So, whether you find yourself underground, above ground, in outer space, or innerspace, keep hammering.


Street Meat might kill you

Never forget dinner at Schwa (PG-13, penned by TCE Creative Director, Eric Stangarone)

The great Jeremiah Tower returns

Skate or Die

Life, explained

Pickled, dried and cured (Penned by TCE Preservationist, Ben Pote)

The menu who don’t fit in

How brands lose their way (penned by TCE friend, Jenn Maer)

Young Marco

The return of a classic, from TCE alum Harrison Keevil

A drink to bring you back from the dead