QSR Magazine: Fast Casual World Wrapps Gets New Life

Over 20 years ago Keith Cox, alongside TCE founder Aaron Noveshen, created World Wrapps, one of the first “fast casual wrap” concepts in San Francisco and possibly the country. Since then, and after some significant time away from World Wrapps, Cox revisited the Corte Madera location in 2015 and saw an opportunity for the brand to revamp. The restaurant was dated and the menu hadn’t changed to stay relevant with current fast casual trends.

Thus World Wrapps 2.0 was born! The new menu was designed around the concept of global cuisine and boasts “credible ethnic flavor combinations” like the Korean Barbecue Wrapp and the Indian inspired Tikka Masala Wrapp.

Noveshen and the TCE team partnered with World Wrapps to redesign the menu for the modern era, while virtually all other components of the brand were also being overhauled. Keith Cox comments:

“It was so much fun relaunching and creating a brand new concept playing off the old. We are getting to innovate again and take something that is new and based on 21 years of experience and travels and really look at how to ground that into the concept. I think having the flavors of the world live under one roof takes a very specific concept to do that, and the wraps, bowls, and rolls, we’re able to do that in a successful way.”

World Wrapps 2.0 is now open at 208 Corte Madera Town Center in Corte Madera, California!

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