5 Lessons Learned from M-commerce Innovators

Last week, QSR Web published an article outlining the 5 key takeaway lessons learned from the m-commerce innovators at the Fast Casual Executive Summit. TCE/Starbird president + CEO Aaron Noveshen sat on the panel and contributed to a robust conversation of industry leaders.


Lesson 1: Develop an app that’s easy for everybody.

Lesson 2: Mobile apps should make users feel special.

Lesson 3: Expect to make m mistakes.

Lesson 4: Include a system for handling big orders.

Lesson 5: Apps are about what the customer wants, not what the business needs.


“After figuring out what your brand represents, make sure your app is easy for all ages, tech skills and mobile users to actually order and communicate with,” Aaron explains. “We are always showing [the app] to others to get their feedback, particularly criticism.”

“We try to look at the bottom rung of the ladder of understanding about how to use the app and go from there. There’s too much noise and too many functions in most apps. You need to look at what customers need and not what the business needs.”

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