Position Overview:

We are looking for a multitalented professional to join our team in developing strategies and tactics for delivering food and restaurant brands that fulfill clear business objectives. The ideal candidate thinks objectively about problems, is fact based and excited to solve food and restaurant problems over and over and over. We talk about food a lot, but we are not looking for foodies. We’d rather have someone who is a designer, who doesn’t mind only working on food, than someone who ‘has’ to work in food and wants to learn the rest.

The Culinary Edge is a small, entrepreneurial company in San Francisco with glass walls everywhere and tightly formed teams. There is nowhere to hide here. If you are timid, thin skinned or unaccustomed to collaboration, stop reading now- there is probably a better job posting for you.

This is a fun, fast-paced, demanding environment. We are grounded, realistic, and collaborative, expecting nothing but the very best from our team and ourselves, and we are looking for an insightful and personable big thinker to join us to help drive our vision. Our collective experience is global and deep, and we are looking for someone who can bring strong communications, solid ideas and a fresh perspective to solutions and storytelling.

What makes you a good fit?

Skills you definitely have: 

  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • A passionate storyteller, killer with decks, confident with clients
  • A demonstrated ability to lead thinking, establish frameworks and to mentor junior colleagues
  • You get consumer trends, you get guests and you face your work with a business mindset
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • If you’ve never heard of Strunk and White, just forget it
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills Your Personality

Your Personality:

  • People like you.
  • You are inspirational, interesting, easy-going and you have a sense of humor
  • Design, aesthetics and art are important to you
  • You have a great ability to relate to, understand and weigh the interests of a variety of audiences simultaneously
  • You possess the ability to work in an ambiguous and dynamic environment and comfortable with non-hierarchical organizations
  • You are willing to get your hands dirty, often
  • You are motivational to team members and clients
  • You love the details, but you aren’t paralyzed by them
  • Flexibility, adaptability and team focus are your hallmarks
  • You are systems and process minded, you lead with your brain and let your emotions follow
  • You are never satisfied with your own work
  • Putting yourself out there is no problem, but neither is accepting a well-reasoned alternative view

Your Past:

  • 3+ years of relevant work experience with at least 2 in an agency (consulting, branding, design)
  • You may not have any food or restaurant experience, but you might
  • You may have a writing background You may have been at an ad agency
  • You know your way around a deck, and how to make them beautiful and engaging
  • You have writing samples or a portfolio
  • You have interacted with clients bravely, strongly, and empathetically
  • You do not have to be the hero and your work speaks for itself

What we are not seeking:

  • People who’ve always wanted to “give consulting a try”
  • First jobbers (sorry, we love you, please check out our internships, they are rewarding and have lead to positions here)
  • Unmotivated or uncommitted people looking for a quiet place to retire

Potential tasks of the strategy manager:

  • Creating brand frameworks and strategies that can be applied to actionable tactics
  • Writing presentations that creatively, beautifully and elegantly provide insights and solutions
  • Menu and food creation (on paper) that deliver a strategy
  • Helping manage a busy client deliverable and production calendar
  • Collaborate on process and project workflow
  • Turning data (ethnographic, qualitative, and quantitative) into strategies and recommendations
  • Writing briefs that communicate strategies to other teams
  • Leveraging smart people to solve problems you are spearheading at that time
  • Presenting to clients
  • Putting out fires that you didn’t think were your job (look how flexible you are)
  • Coordination of overall creative processes
  • Refined and confident client contact

A typical day on the job may include:

  • Conducting an operational assessment at a client location in Minneapolis
  • Visiting a client and their restaurants to gather their vision and to understand their operations
  • Engaging in a spirited debate about the future of a client’s brand
  • Downloading from internal teams around clients’ brand, menu, operations, and staffing models
  • Leading your team in synthesis of inputs to derive brand pillars
  • Supporting the Biz Dev ninjas with writing, reviewing, or creating project scope
  • Traveling to Chicago to lead client on food tour of Gastropubs
  • Designing a deck, writing a deck, or reviewing a deck
  • Expanding the TCE name and reputation by being active in the San Francisco and national food community
  • Figuring ways to squeeze 10 pounds of work into a 5 pound bag
  • Inspiring and engaging our internal team to help further our community
  • Managing your team, giving twice yearly reviews and mentoring their careers



Please send a resume and introduction letter explaining your interest in working with us to