Jamba Juice

The Challenge

Not content to just dominate the smoothie market, Jamba Juice identified an opportunity to broaden its reach during the breakfast daypart.

The Solution

After in-depth menu analysis, Jamba Juice and The Culinary Edge determined that fresh, hot oatmeal represented the best opportunity with the highest likely returns. The Culinary Edge created a menu platform featuring steel-cut, slow-cooked oatmeal topped with fresh fruit. The team also took on the task of seamlessly resolving the operational challenges associated with introducing food preparation to what had been a beverage-only operation.

The Buzz

Serious Eats placed Jamba’s slow-cooked, fruit topped offering ahead of all six competitors in a battle for oatmeal supremacy. AdvertisingAge used the launch as the cornerstone of its piece titled “Oatmeal Wars”.

“For us, quite honestly, this will be the most significant food entry for our company, and the perfect entry into the breakfast daypart.” James White, Jamba Juice Chief Executive