El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco

The Challenge

Fast Casual chain El Pollo Loco came to The Culinary Edge as a successful regional chain with over 300 restaurants throughout the Southwest.

The brand’s signature flame-broiled, hand-cut, Mexican style chicken was the secret to the company’s success, but it was complicated and time consuming to produce. Consistent food execution, preparation, stable labor costs, and site-selection all posed significant obstacles to expansion and growth.

The Solution

The Culinary Edge created a new restaurant management process that simplified cooking and food handling processes and address attendant issues.

The new system produced the same flavorful chicken and quality central to the El Pollo Loco brand, with improved operational efficiencies across the menu.

The Buzz

Free to scale, El Pollo Loco accelerated growth and now operates over 400 locations. Management envisions future growth to 2,300 units across the United States.

The company went public in July 2014.