Pacific Catch is a modern, comfortable, Westcoast Fish House that combines a fine-dining culinary experience with a casual California lifestyle. Dedicated to delivering high-quality seafood with a unique perspective, the menu explores preparation styles and ingredients found throughout the Pacific. Pacific Catch also offers a variety of lunch and dinner “Chalkboard” specials and rotating promotions highlighting a specific region in the Pacific, as well as local, seasonal offerings.

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Starbird is the nation’s first super premium fast food restaurant, reimagining quick service dining to meet the needs of a new America. Starbird kept the good parts and fixed the bad ingredients, tastes, and experiences. It’s created a world where eating conveniently and healthily are not at odds, and where affordability never has to be associated with sacrifice. At Starbird, fast food is positive and delicious, once again. Starbird’s signature item is its crispy chicken. It’s hand cut, hand battered, hand dipped, and gluten-free, and available in tender, sandwich, taco and salad form. Starbird’s innovative ordering app transforms the traditional drive-thru experience, maximizing convenience for today’s modern consumers.

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Mindful Meats stands for organic, pasture raised, non-GMO verified beef. It is good clean beef for our health, community, and planet. Mindful Meats prides itself in sourcing dual purpose animals. This means the animal has been raised for more than just one purpose. Mindful Meats’ cows live long, healthy lives as organic pasture raised dairy cows and, at the end of their lives, provide organic beef for our community. Raised on pasture and never transferred to a finishing lot, Mindful Meats’ beef has similar positive nutritional qualities to 100% grass-fed with a flavor that is sweeter and more buttery due to the breeds and variety in the lifetime diet of its cows.

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75 Oak Grove St, San Francisco, CA 94107